Some shows buffer a lot, but not all shows

I watch my Tablo using Tablo Connect remotely. Some of the recorded shows buffer like crazy. Others hardly at all. I’ve dialed down the recorded resolution and the streaming resolution to the minimum, but it doesn’t help. Any suggestions?

Also, it may not actually be buffering. I can use my Apple TV remote to double click the play/pause button and it will play immediately for a few seconds before “buffering” again.

Are the shows that buffer transmitted in 1080p or 720p? I’m wondering if that could make a difference. Just a thought.

I’ve lowered the resolution for recording and streaming to the minimum. No difference.

If you haven’t found a solution yet, try clearing network caches regularly. Start by turning off any nonessential network devices not being used that may be using bandwidth. Clear modem, router, streaming devices, and Tablo caches. Unplug the devices for a minute or so and then plug them back in or find the clear cache option is the menu for whatever device.

If you have the right equipment and knowledge you can also set Quality of Service (QoS) router settings to give your Tablo device priority over other less important devices when competing for bandwidth. In many cases buffering occurs because signal has to share the network with useless cached data and competing network devices.

Hope this helps.

Update: Tablo support informed me that all Apple TV recordings are at maximum resolution, regardless of the resolution it is set to. Thanks, Tablo (I mean this both literally :slightly_smiling_face: and sarcastically :smirk:).

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