Some Recordings 5, 10 even 15 minutes too long

I don’t so much have a concern about extended end times (I think that’s convenient) but would love to see the ability to pad on the front end. Some channels (ABC, for one) seem to miss the first 30 seconds or so of shows which is quite annoying. Padding the front by a couple of mins would solve that.

I’m pretty sure these channels are doing this on purpose. It is to force viewers to switch to that channel perhaps even to shorten any viewing on other channels. This is also to try and force viewers into real-time viewing since broadcasters do not like DVR recorded viewing in which people can get past commercials. They are deliberately playing with times - not accidental! Don’t tell me that in this era of atomic precision clocks and micro-second Internet time synchronization, these channels are “off” in their times “accidentally.”

Agreed. Was in no way implying that the Tablo schedule was to blame. The networks are always looking for ways to obtain an advantage. For nearly two decades TBS used “Turner Time” where they intentionally started shows at five and thirty-five minutes after the hour.

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New user here. I see that this is a old thread, but I really want the option to opt-out of the decision to unilaterally extend ALL recordings by 5 minutes. It would be nice (and basically match all other DVRs I’ve used in recent memory) to be able to apply an extend time setting to a particular timer/recording.