Some Recordings 5, 10 even 15 minutes too long

I asked about this before but seems everyone was satisfied (except me) that Tablo likes to record long, well just because I guess. Some people mention the “Extend Live Recordings” function, but it has never been used. My Tablo just seems to record long, or the guide is telling it to. I’d like the TV Shows to actually stop recording when the show ends, instead of continuing to record those extra minutes of the next show. Starts at the right time, so whatever clock is being used, it OK.

How about a fix for this while you tablo guys are fixing stuff?



All my recordings record an extra 5 minutes, which is intended by design. And works well so I don’t miss the last 15 seconds of a show if the time on my Tablo is slightly off the broadcaster’s time.

So a 30 min show is 35 min, a 60 min show is 65 min.

If you have a 75 min recording for a 60 min show, that’s just odd. Open a Support Ticket directly with Tablo so they can remote in and check your logs to see what this is happening.

Live shows are always recorded longer than non live shows…

I still think it needs to stop when the show is scheduled to stop. If someone likes to give it extra recording time, put that in the settings as an option, the way they did for extending live recordings.


Yeah, the default 5 min kind of bugs me. Wish it was a setting option.

I asked for that to be user defined as well. But I do like the extra time, especially with how some networks like to keep playing longer than the actual end time.

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I bet it’s due to a shortcoming of the guide provider and Tablo’s attempt to deal with it. Just my two cents.

I’ve also noticed CBS just sucks when it comes to staying on schedule or providing updates to the guide providers for some reason. I’ve had to schedule the following show in order to catch the endings of the show I watch. The most notorious is Madam Secretary. Perhaps some greedy attempt to draw CBS All Access subscribers. That part is definitely not a Tablo issue though. I think I’ve strayed enough here…

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Well it forces me to manually edit the end point if I want a cleaner TV Show/TV Movie for my PLEX server. I have edited some, but it’s just a whole lot more time spent then I want to spend. The option to allow or disallow this would be far better for everyone I’d expect.


Yea, but I don’t want to :stuck_out_tongue:

Good question, I wonder how many people do what you do? I actually don’t so I have no issues with the extra time. In fact, why do you? Is it because the time it takes to export? Just don’t see it as a big deal

Yes you can. Mine has always been off. Not all of my content is a problem, just the ones Comskip fails to catch the end of the show. It’s not a huge deal, but it would be nice to let me decide if I want added record time. And when they get around to finding time for these little things, I’d like the option for added time before and after the scheduled time. Maybe 1, 3 and 5 minutes selectable would be good.


While not a “fix” to this, SurLaTablo is easy to configure when taking things off the Tablo, just add:

options[‘truncate’] = 300

to your

If you are trying to use the -z (commerical cutting) option, you may want to look at options[‘truncate_ts’] (setting will vary)


The 5 minute over run can’t possibly be for guide data. Shows will mostly end on the 1/2 hour or hour mark. The 5 minute overage must be in place to make up for an off clock.

@TabloTV - request - can we make that a setting? (And by “we”, I mean you guys) :smile:

I have edited out this extra recording time on some of my PLEX content from Tablo. The one I was watching tonight that reminded me again of the extra recording time that Comskip doesn’t always remove was just 5 minutes over the shows actual ending time. So, I could be off on the 10 and 15 minutes, but I do know some TV Movies I manually edited before I got Tablo Ripper/MCEBuddy/Comskip working were at least close to 10 or maybe 15 minutes. I remember one was almost half of another TV Show that was recorded at the end of a TV Movie.

Like I said it’s not a huge thing, but when time is available, it would be nice to have the say-so on when and how much extra recording time I’d like to assign to my recordings.


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This would be easy enough to add as a checkbox into settings on the web app but I’m sure it would then result in people saying, “I missed the end of my show!!!”

Some endings should be missed like the conclusion of the Sopranos…

I would think, as long as it came in as a default of active for the introduction, you would be ok.

I would bet MANY never even look at the settings screen after they have added channels and set up the subscription, so for the majority, adding the option and having it default to active / 5 mins, they would never know anything changed.

Personally, I like the fact it adds the time. I cant tell you how many show endings I missed on my Dish DVR before I learned to extend the end time by 2 - 3 minutes.

I could see how many would like it to be an optional setting though and do like the idea of including a couple different extension times.

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On by default would be fine by me. I’d be happy that it be opt out rather than opt in.

Yea, allowing the user to select the additional time would be better as then it is in our hands. Then if we miss the ending it is our fault :wink:

Don’t know how many use Comskip to get rid of commercials, but it does work close to 100% right on perhaps more then 50% of the shows. Start and end points are the biggest problem and of the two, the end point makes more mistakes – Those are almost always error in favor of being too long. Another thing that often happens is it leaves in previews of what is coming up and other shows. The thing it looks hardest at is finding the network or station logo. If it see it, it will most likely keep the content intact. At the end of the show, if a preview of the upcoming show is broadcast and then if there isn’t any commercial after that, it usually keeps a portion of the next show and usually that is a 5 minute segment. So, the only really bad thing Comskip does is it keeps the first 5 minutes or so of the next show. Of course you can stop the playback at that point, which I do, but it would be nicer for the show to end when it is scheduled to end.