Some LIVE tv stations not loading

I made some upgrades over the weekend with my set up including upgrading from roku 1 to 3 and I now have the roku 3 hard wired to router. Man, that made a huge difference with one exception. I had this issue before and unfortunately it happened again tomight. I have 4 main channels that I watch on live tv. Tonight 3 of the 4 channels would not load on live tv. The 4th channel loaded with no issues. I unplug my tablo and wait anoit 20 seconds and plug it back up and once tablo reboots all local channels load quickly on live tv. Again, this issue was on my roku 3. I should checked my iPad but I didn’t think about until now.

Any thoughts?

How did you hardwire your Roku to router? If by powerline adapter, it could be going into powe save mode and causing problems.

Yes, I used power line adaptors. If that is the issue, why would other live channels load perfectly while others wouldn’t load at all? I have had the same issue before I tried the power line adaptors.

@wkufan92, was it FOX17 that was working and all the others not?  Last night from 8 to 9 PM, all I could get was Cosmos on Fox, but none of the other channels worked (and this was on the iPad and Android Tablet).  Around 9:10 PM, I was going to reboot the Tablo, but all the channels showed up at that time in my channel scan.  

So I am curious if this is a problem with the guide provider or a porblem with the Tablo.

I watched the nba game until around 10 with no issues and if was on channel 2 (abc). I tried to watch the local news on channel 4 (NBC) and channel 5 (CBS) and neither channel would load until I unplugged and rebooted tablo.

Ok, so it wasn’t the same channel.  

It just seems odd that I could watch ABC with no issues but Tablo would not load CBS or NBC until I rebooted Tablo.

is a reboot needed every day with Tablo? I keep seeing in different posts that there is an issue and a reboot fixes it. 

That is a good question.  I hope not.  Good News!  I had no issues with live tv yesterday.

@napercort A reboot is certainly not needed everyday - depending on how often you change your home setup with the Tablo (switching from Wifi to Ethernet, adding and removing media devices, etc) you may sometimes need to reboot the unit in order for it to detect any changes made.

Got it, thanks. Once I have things set up I won’t be changing much (if anything) so this is good to know.