Some Channels Don’t Have a Detailed Guide

Quick question: I had a new antenna installed today and did a channel scan and now get a lot more channels, some from over 50 miles away. Most channels have the detailed guide, listing the current and upcoming shows. However, four channels don’t; it’s just blank with the diagonally striped grey line. All are over 30 miles away, with one in Canada.

Any ideas, or is this normal? Thanks !

It might mean that Tablo’s guide provider doesn’t have those stations associated with your zip code, so it’s not providing data for them. Create a support ticket with the info (zip code and channel info) so they can look into it.

@FlyingDiver Is correct - if you send us a ticket with the details, we can get the missing channels added for you.

Ok … dumb question: What is a “ticket” ? Is it on the website?

If you click on the word ‘ticket’ you’ll get taken to the relevant page where you can enter details that will generate a trouble ticket with our support gurus. :slight_smile:

Alternately, all the ways to reach us can be found here:

Got it. Already tried once and accidentally a partial request. Will have to redo