*SOLVED* Unable to retrieve information from Tablo servers? *SOLVED*

This is happening every single time I want to access my Tablo with the Windows 10 app or my.tablo.com (With Google Chrome). The only thing that seems to be working is the Roku app. Since only the Roku app is working, this clearly does not tell me it’s a networking issue.
Is there a bug with the Web UI? Also, something is preventing Tablo Ripper from seeing my Tablo but Tablo Exporter (that Java program) seems to be unaffected.

Clearly, isn’t the likely problem Windows? Some firewall or security settings? If you have the Windows based system with issues… since Ripper also can’t get through, you may be looking in the wrong direction.

I was starting to wonder about that. So, I decided to do a virus scan and some threats where found and removed. Still, not too sure why it’s saying “Mullin Tablo’” when I have it set to say “Rob’s Tablo”.

Just wondering, is “Mullin” a code name for anything?

Hit the X to delete the Tablo and do a new sync.

I did and it’s still coming up as “Mullin”.

Could Amazon.ca have sold me a used unit by mistake or could someone else be using my Tablo?

Lol connect to it via the browser and change the name of the Tablo, then see if it sticks.

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It did but when I tried to get back in…

And there is nothing wrong with the internet connection. It lies! LOL

and it’s back to “Mullin Tablo” again. Man, this is seriously weird!

I tried to use my Windows PC to get to my Tablo once again and it’s giving me the same non-stop nonsense as before. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Is it not Windows 10 compatible?

Our support team should be able to get to the bottom of this quickly. Can you send us a ticket (or if you have already, let me know what the ticket # is) or give us a call at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688) ?

I’ve contacted support and created a ticket and they wanted me to but the Tablo in ‘heartbeat mode’ to allow remote access by pressing the button 3 times in 1 second. I’ve emailed the support agent back who is assigned to my case. What’s the average turnaround time before I hear back from the agent? I’m asking because the Tablo is in my bedroom and the LED is flashing (2 quick with a pause) and it’s a little annoying. LOL
Can I turn the LED off via the Roku app?

Electrical tape. :wink:

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HAA! That made me laugh. LOL :rofl:
Yeah… I just turned on my TV and loaded the Tablo app up on the Roku and turned off the LED. :wink:

Some people use the heart beat flash to recognize that the unit is in maintenance mode. And when support is done with the unit they hopefully turn it off.

Otherwise you always have to reboot the device.

I wonder… if they want ‘heartbeat’ modem do they only work on it during their working hours of 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday - Friday.?
If so, I’m assuming it’s going to be flashing all night. lol

The overnight guide update and data maintenance may kick your Tablo out of heartbeat mode. Be sure to check your Tablo tomorrow morning and verify that it is still in heartbeat mode or place it back in heartbeat mode. I would keep it in heartbeat mode until you hear back from support. When they have completed their investigation, they should return your Tablo to standard operating mode and email you with their results.

I’ll try, if my computer will let me connect to the Tablo to let me turn the LED back on. So far, Edge and Chrome keep giving me the same old error! Also, no luck with the Windows 10 app.

@TabloSupport My Tablo’s LED stopped flashing. I’m guessing since it was still in ‘heartbeat mode’ half an hour ago that the support guys are done with it?
@3rdRockOKC You where correct about the overnight update to the guide.

I got an email back from support and it looks like they have located and corrected the issue! :smiley:

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