[Solved] Server certificate of https://tablotv.com expired on 2020-05-01

Hello @TabloTV / @TabloEngineering / @TabloSupport

The (SSL/TLS) server certificate on https://tablotv.com appears expired as of 2020-05-01. This impedes access to the main Tablo website; however the subdomains account.tablotv.com, support.tablotv.com, and community.tablotv.com, all still appear accessible without issue. I attached screenshots to help clarify in more detail. If you might consider, Let’s Encrypt provides free server certificates (to anyone and everyone), including wildcard certificates such as the one presently setup for *.tablotv.com.

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That’s pretty sad. I’d like to think they got distracted with the coronaviris issues…
but really waiting until the last months to renew… and online shopping is about all so many have.
22 million unemployed can’t afford cable, looking to OTA, with $1200 government funds to “stimulate” the economy a tablo looks real good right now! that is if you could find tablotv.com - LOL

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It looks like the server certificate is fixed now, replaced with a newer wildcard certificate issued on 2020-02-06 and valid to 2022-05-10. I’m sure the oversight was not intentional and given the pandemic I imagine staff are very busy keeping core infrastructure running and keeping up with their excellent customer support. It’s not entirely uncommon – even my place of work had this occur. Managing a large number of servers can be complex and tedious. What should be commended is the expeditious resolution.

Thank you @TabloTV / @TabloEngineering / @TabloSupport!