<SOLVED> Playback Failed/Weak Signal 4th Gen/Dual

Up until this morning everything was working fine.
Now I can’t get any channels. I get the guide with my locals on it but when I select one of the channels a prompt comes up saying “Playback Failed” when I try to watch that channel.
When I try to watch on my laptop a prompt comes up saying “Weak Signal” and my laptop is only 3 feet away from the Tablo unit.
How can this be when the TV and the Tablo are in the same spot they’ve been working fine in for the last few months …??
Update: I tried unplugging the unit for about 5 minutes and then I turned it back on and got the same results.

What kind of antenna are you using?
Is the cable connected to the antenna free of knicks and cuts?
If it is amplified is there power to it?
Did you turn off the Tablo 10 db amplifier accidently?

The ‘weak signal’ report is in reference to the TV channel it is trying to receive.

My story: Two weeks ago my parents were complaing that they couldn’t get NBC on their TV or Tablo. I investigated and found there were several more that weren’t being received even though they were fine the week before. It turned out there were several days of high winds which turned the outdoor TV antenna away from the area where the majority of TV signals originate. Placing it back to it’s proper location fixed the problem.

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I’m using the same antenna I was using yesterday and have been using for the last few months …that was working fine until this morning.
No nicks or cuts in the cable, in fact I just replaced all the cables with brand new ones last week.
I think I may have fixed the problem.
In the beginning of my overall Tablo experience I had the Tablo antenna amplifier turned on, a few weeks ago I turned it off because my signals are so clear and strong I really didn’t need it.
I just turned it back on and now the channels are showing up again.
I’ll go check the antenna mast on the roof to see if it’s been moved …we have had strong winds lately, but I really bolted it down tight when I first put it up …even on the mast itself.

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It doesn’t hurt to re-run a channel scan if you’re having some signal loss. Sometimes the frequency can change just a little bit and that quick scan will add it back to where it belongs.

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I got a similar problem, but it said something akin to “ out of space, can’t record”, then weak signal. I was not trying to record.

I still have never seen this odd “out of space” error.

I know you weren’t trying to record anything, but even viewing a live channel through the Tablo itself creates a temporary timeshift file. Do you have extra space on your device? are you using internal or external storage?

Okay I think I nailed down the problem and it’s not a Tablo problem.
It wasn’t the wind either …at least on my end.
Seems all my 4.? channels in my area are out …possibly on the tower itself.
4.1 is NBC
4.3 is Metv
4.4 is Catchy TV
4.5 is DEFY
…and all of them are out.
I still get all the others.

Since the 4.? channel section is the first set of channels on my guide I just assumed all of them were out after testing/trying the first 4 channels on the guide.

What really told the problem was that I still have the same TV hooked up to OTA directly and on “Live TV” guide none of the 4’s were showing on that either.

Maybe the wind caused problems on the towers on the mountain.
I’m in Albuquerque so all our towers are on the mountain tops to our East.
Since NBC is involved in the set I’m sure they’ll be getting it fixed soon or maybe a couple days.
I don’t record much on NBC anyway.

All of your 4.x virtual channels are likely on the same tower transmitter/same RF channel. ATSC 1.0 allows multiplexing multiple virtual channels in the same RF channel.

I have had this happen multiple times on my local transmitters. The recent “repack” to accommodate 5G cell service moved things around a lot on various RF channels, and now the slow transition to ATSC 3.0 is causing more RF “relocation”. You might try a channel rescan on the Tablo to see if your ATSC 1.0 virtual channels (4.x) got moved to another RF channel. If so, the Tablo channel scan will find them again.

It is also possible that the transmitter (or the uplink to it) is down. I have seen that in my area. If you Google your local NBC affiliate and find a phone number, you can call and ask for their engineering department. If the transmitter is down, they will know. I think in your area it is RF channel 26.

Is this what you are talking about?

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yep …that be the one.

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