[solved] How to stream from Android app to Chromecast?

How the heck do you stream to Chromecast using the Android app?

I’ve searched high and low and I’ve found people talking about doing it, but nowhere in the Tablo app is there a Cast icon.  I’ve tried this with two different phones on my network.  What the HECK, man?

Just to head off the question I know everyone is going to ask… yes, of course the phone is connected to the same network as the Chromecast.  I can cast from Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube just fine.

Okay one more update.  I just connected to my Tablo in Chrome browser on my phone and it does show the cast icon and allows me to connect to my TVs.  So clearly everything is working.

Does the Android app support casting or not?

You can cast to Chromecast from the Android tablet app that runs on devices with 7" screens or larger.

At the moment you cannot cast from the Android web app that runs on smartphones to the Chromecast. Per Tablo they are working on a fix soon.

theuser86, thanks for the update.  I looked around and I presume you’re referring to this thread.  I don’t understand.  What can tablets do that phones can’t?

Well, just like this post, mere hours after I asked for it, my phone was updated with a new video player that supports Chromecast.  I will try it as soon as I get home today.

Nice work, fellas.

@dhowland - Yep, we just added Chromecast support to the phone apps. It should be populating through the store to everyone over the next 24 hours!

LOL - maybe one of my burning questions has just been answered! I tried on my MotoX phones and nope, couldn’t do it. I could give my Canadian friends a big high-five right now except they are being grumbled about for sending us a nasty nasty blast of winter storm and arctic air. That’s one export I wish they’d not. I guess I stay in and update the apps on my phones!

Now - anyone know how to make this work on a KINDLE FIRE?
One KB article or FAQ here says “yes, will work” but I tried over and over and only succeeded in getting my wife’s Kindle device to now constantly say “Play services have terminated” and crashing the device. No such app will load - can’t use Chromecast or Tablo app from her Kindle Fire, bummer.

No Chromecast yet; is there a way to force an update?  Uninstall and get it again?

BTW: just to have the complete picture, the non-Chromecast Tablo app can be Chromecast if your Android version is recent enough.  It turns out that Chromecast comes in different flavors, and the one on newer OS has a function “Screen cast” (upper left corner to select).  Once you cast your screen, you can cast anything, including the Tablo app.  Works fine, great picture and sound.

@oldmike - You should have received a notice from the Google Play store to update your Tablo app if you’re using the downloadable web app vs. the native Android tablet app. If you’re stuck, @TabloSupport can give you a hand.