Solved: High CPU Usage / Skipping / Audio Out of Sync on Chrome

I figured out that chrome was not using my gpu to play videos. It was using software to render the videos.

This was leading to high cpu usage, audio sync issues, and problems with low frame rate.

I found two flags to enable under chrome://flags that fixed this

I enabled:

  1. Override software rendering list

  2. Disable 3D software rasterizer

Thanks that worked great on my Win8 machine which never play LiveTV smoothly until changing these flags but these flags don’t make any difference on my older machine which is still running WinXP (don’t laugh)

Have you found a similar solution for FireFox ?

Did either of you try disabling Pepper Flash which is now native to Chrome? And this forcing the use of the Adobe Flash Player instead.

How to disable Pepper Flash:

I tried both Adobe and Pepper Flash, there are no differences [or improvements] in playback performance on either one of my machines

I forced it to use the adobe flash player instead of pepper flash. It messed up the tablo interface. The videos did play smoothly though.

When I had used firefox on the same computer, I didn’t have any issues with the video playback. The interface was a bit messed up though.

Weird - per Tablo Support on other threads they did their Chrome testing with the Adobe Flash Player.


Any known issues with the new Pepper Flash on Chrome when accessing the interface?

Pepper flash works, but has the performance issues I listed above. This is because chrome doesn’t recognize all gpus and uses software rendering instead. When the flags are changed that I listed above, it makes chrome use the gpu.

When chrome is forced to use the flash player from adobe instead of pepper flash, it messes up the tablo interface. (I attached a couple pictures of this.)

What’s the abnormality? The Windows start bar does not disappear in Full Screen?

Seems to be valid only on Windows systems…

No… the bar to move the video ahead or back doesn’t show when the video is full screen. When you are on the screen to delete or choose a video, the bar to fast forward is at the bottom of that screen. The top part of the video is also playing.