Solid channel showing as weak signal in Tablo

I have a case where a solid signal on my direct non-amplified antenna (Spokane, WA, KXLY, 4.1) is suddenly showing as “weak signal” using the Tablo and my outdoor antenna. The channel scan shows this channel with 5 green dots, which should mean that the signal is strong. I am using a Mohu outdoor antenna with no amplification. I am less than 3 miles from most stations, and line of sight to the offending station that is no more than 20 miles. Amplification overloads all local channels, so not an option.

This is a suddenly new problem after 2 years on the Tablo. I have done rescans, and verified all setup conditions. Would appreciate some feedback on what could be causing this problem to occur.

When you did those scans, did you hit ADD TO GUIDE? If not, they won’t apply any changes that may have happened.

Yes I did. I also tried multiple transmitter signals (KXLY has 2 seperate HD channel signals). Both show solid signals at scan, but are reported as weak in Tablo programming. By the way, Tablo is connected to the router by network.

Hrm… Can you try removing all but one of the channels in your guide (one you know is working) and hit ADD TO GUIDE. Then go back, do a new channel scan and try to re-add all of your preferred channels?

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On it, but remember that the offending channel is showing up in the guide, so it is being passed through the Tablo. Will get back to you shortly after I do what you asked.

Removed all but channel 2-1, CBS (KREM TV). Only one channel showed in programming guide. Channel 2-1 is flashing red.
Did a rescan, found 43 stations.
Added my preferred 9 channels.
Added to Guide.
Channel is now working.
That trick seemed to solve the problem. Thanks lots.

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