Solid Blue Light, Will not Boot

My tablo device will just sit with a solid blue light no matter what i seem to do to the device. it does reposed to a simple press of the blue button on the back for one second or 7+ seconds. It turns solid blue right after it is plugged into power. It also does not respond to holding the power button down before I apply power to the device and continue to hold it as i plug it in. No SSID is being broadcasted and the device is not discoverable on a wired network.

I have read in other threads that replacing the PS may fix this. I will give that a try.

The blue LED light should blink for about a minute after being powered on, so something is definitely wrong.
What model Tablo do you have?
Also, if you have a drive connected to the Tablo, disconnect the drive cable, and reboot the Tablo by briefly pressing the reset button in the back of the unit.
Only Live TV will work, but if it does, then there’s something wrong with the drive, the Tablo USB port, or the power supply.

I have the SPVR4. I have removed the HD with the same results. The Blue ligh does not blink or change when pressing the blue reset button.

My guess would be the power adapter.
If you’re past warranty period, recommend getting a replacement power adapter.
I got one as a spare, just in case. :slight_smile:

Yeah that was my guess too. I bought it used and think the PS was not the right AMPs. How many amps does the PSs you use have? 2?

Have have the 4-tuner model as well, and it came with a 2A power adapter.
The spare power adapter I bought is directly from Tablo, and it’s a 2A version, too:

Ok I ordered a new one the one I got with was 1 amp so I am guessing it’s why it’s not booting. Just curious is it 12 or 24 volts?

The 1A, and 2A power adapters are 12V.


Thanks for this thread. Bumping the topic because my tablo was did the same. I was afraid it was dead. I plugged in a 12V 3A power adapter for an external hard drive and it fired right up.

I ordered a replacement from the tablo online store.

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