SOLD OUT Tablos?

I was showing a friend my Tablo and he was interested in buying the 4 Tuner version but they are sold out. Then we noticed the 2 Tuner and 4 Tuner Refurbished units are also sold out. The first thought that crossed both our minds was that Tablo is going out of business. I’m hoping, rather, that they are so popular they can’t keep up with the demand. When should we expect the 4 Tuner Tablo to be available in the US again?

2 tuner is in stock on amazon but 4 tuner is out… They said they are working on getting new ones previously

Maybe you’re on to something, Dan_Van_Malsen. Why order inventory if you’re going out of business? There’s been no new announcements pertaining to products or features, and I can’t be sure - but has there been a native Apple TV version of Tablo released to the wild since announced back in January? And I haven’t seen a feature “roadmap” even mentioned for a long time. Certainly makes you wonder.

Given they’ve been actively working on new firmware for the Tablo unit, I doubt they are going out of business lol

Are they? Haven’t had a new one since November 2015… :wink:

A new batch of 4-Tuners should be arriving at Amazon today so we should be back in stock shortly. Our last batch sold out very quickly as there were tons of backorders as we were waiting for more units to come off the assembly line.

We aren’t going out of business at all and are actively working on all kinds of new stuff including the Apple TV app which when we announced it in January said it would be arriving in the Spring time frame. Spring just started last week.

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This is exactly how rumours get started…

Thanks for the response. I’m a SimpleTV convert and am a huge fan - and proponent - of the TabloTV!

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Now that we’ve got a lot of the major features locked down, we’re going to a less frequent cadence for firmware updates.

@Dan_Van_Malsen - Glad to hear it! Always love to see converts from competitors (even if those ‘competitors’ are no longer making hardware) :slight_smile:

Good to hear! Any chance of telling us what the major features are?