Sold All My SageTV Equipment - Tablo, I'm All Yours Now - Almost!

Well, after a good run, I decided to de-commission my SageTV setup and migrate to Tablo full time for the new Fall TV season. My system was actually rock-solid and trouble free, but I know it’s just a matter of time before something that will require too much time, or unavailable hardware, comes along to ruin my day.

The SageTV forum still has a dedicated core group, and I sold all my gear in less than 24 hours - which was enough to fully fund my Tablo (which I actually bought on sale last November) with enough left over to pick up the refurb Tivo Basic with lifetime. I haven’t had a Tivo for 6 years, and I have to say it feels a little weird using it again.

So my current plan is to use my Tablo for all my secondary TVs (with existing Roku’s and Fire TV’s) and for remote viewing, and to use TiVo for my living room setup where I have a new 70" screen and a full 7.1 surround system. TiVo will give me the slight advantage on picture quality (which helps with a big screen), allows for easy channel surfing for visiting in-laws (why they want to do that, I don’t really know!), and I get my full Dolby back (but honestly have been okay with PLII for the most part).

One observation I have after an afternoon with this setup, is just how good Tablo is when compared head to head with TiVo. Picture quality is a little sharper on the TiVo (compared to the 1080p setting on Tablo), but it isn’t a deal breaker at all. And Tablo’s simpler interface is actually a plus in my book. I know I’ll get used to TiVo’s interface again, but my first impression was it is very busy with too many elements competing for your attention. For an OTA solution, Tablo has done a fantastic job.

So, just wanted to say Farewell SageTV - It was nice knowing you - and to give a pat on the back to @TabloTV for creating a product that does a great job for it’s intended purpose!


I am a Sage convert from Jan this year, for similar reasons. There’s a lot to like about Roku and Tablo together, and although I initially missed Sage, I do not at all anymore. With all the apps, Plex and Tablo, the Roku interface is much better.

I was a Sage user for about 10 years with a rock solid whole house 8 client system and 2 tuner cards.

My 4 tuner Tablo with 6 Roku clients is better in many respects, Stability is problematic after nearly a year of ownership, the last five monthes being crummy after 7 months of stable use.

Having direct daily involvrment of the Sage developer, Jeff / Narflex, was superb. Having server and clients from the same company was outstanding since it avoided the lengthy ineffectual debug process when 2 or more companies are involved. Happy for Jeff but sorry Google acquired them and apparently stopped marketing and development.

Agree completely…

SageTV is open source now. That change just recently happened though, so there is no working product to download yet.

Yes, the owner who sold his company to Google has tried really hard to help the community as much as he can - seems like a good guy - and I’m certain getting Google to open source Sage was his doing.
That being said, even when it was still a supported product, it wasn’t an appliance like Tablo or TiVo are - it required you to really own the solution - for good and bad. I’m digging Tablo’s more plug and play approach (whlile not perfect, still pretty simple to setup and maintain).
So open source may be good for the die hard enthusiasts among us, but I don’t really anticipate it coming to much.

Tablo’s solution is so much better in many ways and really takes a fresh and innovative approach. The flaws can be absolutely maddening, but the concept is solid.

My Dell server ran Sage and iTunes 24/7 for nearly 10 years, and I am delighted to retire that old work- horse. My iTunes is now served from a “candy bar” Intel Atom PC running Windows 8.1, a 64 GB solid state microSD card drive, and a $129 price tag consuming 7 watts maximum! The server fits in my eyeglass case…

I decommissioned a Core i3 HTPC that ran 24/7 and replaced it with a ChromeBox, that like your Intel Stick, sips power, and is perfect for the PC related streaming that I use. Just so much simpler and worry free.

Thanks @ChrisFix!

I totally agree. As a comparable exemplar-

I spent some time with MythTV and applauded their open source approach. It never got much traction / user base AFAIK and the code languished / croaked.

The OTA DVR battlefield is littered with some striking evidence of good concepts and good intentions gone sour. RIP Sage, MythTV, BeyondTV, Elgato, etc…

Same here gents. I was a Sage-aholic for several years until the (buggy) system couldn’t pass the WAF (wife acceptance factor). Sold everything on e-Bay and switched to ATT U-verse for the past few years. The TV (only) portion of my current Uverse bill is $165/month! Unfortunately I had not kept current with the DVR and streamer industry until this week. I immediately bought a Roku 3 (the voice search across all channels is exceptionally high on the WAF scale) and plan to pick up the Tablo from Best Buy this week when the new batch arrives. This combo (Roku+Tablo) is head and shoulders above Uverse or anything else I’ve seen yet. Will be cutting the cord with Uverse soon. Hallelujah!