Software updates

Does anyone think there will ever be an update that will allow access to 4 channel Tablo from the internet?

IMHO, very unlikely.

With that said, there are DIY style solutions that can make your “remote device” be on your local (Tablo) network. You just have to put in the effort there.

Yea… My son is in college. Poor college kid. I set up a L2TP VPN from his dorm to my home.

His tablo app does pick it up and run perfectly.

Same with his iphone and ipad. LT2P back to my home.


(For others) 4th gen means putting “the supported end device” onto the VPN. If you’re comfortable with setting up VPN gateways, not too big of an issue. Unlike the OG devices, there is no “web” access at this time.

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Interesting answers. I did have a question into support and got an answer on a different topic. I also ask them the same question as above. They stated playback from anywhere, no. But they are working on a way to schedule a recording. That would be great IF it ever happened.
Thanks all.