Software Reset

Please add a software reset capability.  In the app or web app, either or both.

The Table is really a network device and we should be able to put it in a closet.

Having to push a physical button can be a real pain when one has to trek two floors to the basement where all the network gear is kept.

Since the 2.1.18 firmware update I’ve had to reset the Tablo at least once a week because it becomes unresponsive.  While it still records, it is impossible to start viewing a recording.  Pushing the reset button reestablishes the playback feature.  

In an ideal world the lockups wouldn’t occur at all, but in reality having the software reset would make recovering from the incidents a lot simpler.
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@rbw I have asked for this for months… Not sure they are going to do it, but it has been asked for


+1  This just make sense…

I only wish that when mine has a problem and needs a reset that software could do it. When I have trouble with mine it’s because you can’t GET TO IT with software, it won’t communicate for some reason. A reset does the trick. 

 I can see a soft reset being a nice feature, though, and agree since all of the network equipment I’ve supported for years network-wise has that option or feature.
I only wish that when mine has a problem and needs a reset that software could do it. When I have trouble with mine it's because you can't GET TO IT with software, it won't communicate for some reason.

And this is why we haven’t done it yet. A software reset might work sometimes but won’t work if there is a communication problem with the Tablo. We don’t like to make features that only work ‘sometimes’. 

Still you are all right that it would be nice to have for other reasons which is why it’s still on the list of requested features for consideration.

I solved this by getting an intelligent power switch allowing me to remotely reboot my Tablo via an Android app. Works like a charm but I did spend another $37. My 4 Tuner Tablo is great but unfortunately requires a reboot from time to time so I decided to get my own solution.

@alexbunk Yep, there’s always another way.  I may have to go your route.

@TabloTV Whenever I’ve attempted to toggle the LED when my Tablo is otherwise unresponsive I have been able to do so.  While I can’t stream video, it does appear communicate.  And it does sync on connect through the web browser.

Be careful what you ask for. A reset should act like a complete power up cycle. All on board chips/controllers (USB ethernet) should be cleared to their initial power up state. A reboot can be nothing more then reloading the OS/application. Thus leaving the controller chips in their previous state. If you read many of the threads on disks being in a disconnected state, even that tablo reset button on the back of the device doesn’t seem to correct the problem. Yet pulling the USB cable or  power cord does correct the problem. Makes you kind of wonder if the tablo reset button performs a reboot.

Reading the last post here, how about a software reset via the web interface ?

I asked for that as well as others. For some reason they seem very reluctant.

Yes this feature is needed.

Agreed +1