So.....when will Apple TV get an update?

So…when will Apple TV get an update? It seems neglected and yet there’s so much potential. When can we expect a new update? Preferably including feature parity with other platforms.

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@TBC007 - We hear you! We had planned to have a few updates this year but we’ve been quite busy working on Tablo ENGINE and a bit short handed.

We’ve got two new developers who’ve just started. Once they’re up to speed, one of the top priorities will be Apple TV.


What is the plan for iOS 11? If I chose to upgrade to tvOS or iOS 11 will my Tablo apps work on my iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV still?

Side note / request. I travel a ton and It would be great to be able to download the shows to my iPad for viewing when I fly or the Airport Wifi is slow. I know there was a home-brewed app out there for this but it took forever to transcode and you had to use Java. (I can’t do Java.) It would be slick if I could open the Tablo app on my phone or tablet, click a recording, and then download it for offline viewing.

Thanks for making a great product. I love this system. The value we get for it at my house is by far the best on the market.

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There are at least four different extraction/transcode programs out there. One is Java, one is Windows native, and the other two are Python. I use SurLaTablo (Python). Look for the discussions in Third Party Apps (Rippers etc.) - TabloTV Community

I have upgraded my iPads to iOS 11, which has broken the connection between my iPads and my Tablo. My iPads will no longer connect to my Tablo, despite removing, restarting, and rescanning with the app. I can still access the Tablo using Safari and on the iPads.

I have upgraded my iPhone to iOS11 and the app still connects and works well.

AppleTV development has been very slow. Beyond the current basic liveTV and recordings, there have been no changes in a year. They have hired some new Apple developers, and have said that the iOS apps will be ready to go before they become the new standard for the public.

I also love my Tablo, and would love to have some download options on my iPads for travel, but the development for the Apple platform has been so slow that I don’t have much hope anymore. It seems to me that this is a squandered opportunity to make something that “just works” with the Apple family. Seriously, guys, there are over a BILLION active Apple devices on the planet, and you could be the go-to company for Live TV and DVR for every single one of them. Sure, the same could be said for every Roku, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and LG device as well, of which there are 1000’s of them, but develop ONCE for each Apple product, and you would have a huge potential market base. Be that go-to company, with a product that works perfectly for all the iPhones in my extended family, and I could sell a dozen Tablos next week.

With that said, my heart and wallet are still behind the Tablo products. Keep up the good work, guys!

The complaints about the AppleTV app is valid, development has been pretty slow.

The complaints about iOS 11 are bogus, it’s still in Beta and the final release is probably still a couple months away. If there’s no working app when it does release, THEN you have a valid complaint.

Hi folks! Just chiming in. The Tablo iPad app will be updated before the public rollout of iOS 11. No ETA’s on Apple TV updates just yet, but we’re working on it :slight_smile:



This would be a great summer gift!

Most of the apps need that sorting, not just iOS. :slight_smile:

Any new updates regarding development for the Apple TV? I, too, agree that the Apple TV has been forgotten.

There is a beta on right now for tvOS. Stay tuned!

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Hopefully this includes remote access. I would like 1 device that can be used out of the home. Unless of course your going to add support to the roku for that? :smile: There is not 1 device that has remote access for the Tablo, vudu, and Hulu live.

Apple TV & Roku use the same communication method with Tablo. That communication method happens to be the only one that doesn’t support Tablo Connect at the moment. It is something we’d like to get to, but it hasn’t reached the top of the priority list yet.

[quote=“tminor, post:12, topic:12165”]
There is not 1 device that has remote access for the Tablo, vudu, and Hulu live.
[/quote]Sure there is, an Android Tablet… I travel with a small, cheap android tablet & HDMI cable…

Great because I can watch it on the tablets screen while in the airport and on the plane, or even in the hotel if I just want to watch the local news from home (Tablo connect) before going to bed.

Or I can connect it to the hotel TV HDMI. I currently use a bluetooth mouse for my remote but you can pick up bluetooth remotes if preferred.

On the one hand, yes its larger than a typical TV streaming device, but I would want it for air travel use anyway so really for me, this saves me from carrying 2 devices.

Its not the quickest user interface but that can be overcame with a higher cost unit. I went cheap (< $100) so that IF it did get damaged in any of my many travels, I wouldn’t be too heartbroken.

It’s not for everyone but I have been extremely happy with it for a good 18+ months now with about a 40% travel schedule.

Yes I realize that. But we want a permanent device. I share my vudu with my sister. We split hulu live between 4 people. She does not have an antenna on her house, just bunny ears. So when we get storms she looses signal. Sometimes she just looses signal. I have 2 Tablo’s at my house. One for recording and one for live tv. She uses that along with a couple other people. Right now she uses a mi box. So she casts hulu live from her iPad mini to the mi box. But she doesn’t pay for high internet so casting makes it lag sometimes. The apps on the mi box work just fine. It’s when she has to cast.

Atleast now I know. :smile: To bad we can’t just log in and stuff but that would be hard since everyone’s setup is different and you have to pull from each device.

ahhh, yep, totally different use case. You are correct, a permanent all in one device is the best option.