So to avoid lip sync issues

I posted in another thread about my Roku TV having severe lipsync issues to the point of it being unwatchable. Since it seems fairly common, and it also seems that no one is stepping up to fix it…

If I get a new TV, are there any other TVs to avoid beside Roku TVs? With regards to issues with Tablo, is what I’m asking. Thanks.

What kind of ROUTER do you have? I watch Riku stick wireless with no problems but do have a router that supports 802.11AC

Google Wifi, it supports all those protocols. But it’s not about the standalone Rokus having problems, it’s the Roku TVs specifically. All other stand alone devices (Roku & FireTV) work fine. It’s got to have something to do with Roku TVs, thus the question… do any other sets show this behavior?

Does Roku TV support 802.11AC? How far is Roku TV from router? Is it wired or wireless? If wireless can you try wired?

Which brand and model of ROKUtV? Sorry, I don’t have one. Hopefully someone that has one will have additional ideas.

I got 3 roku tv two connected via hard wired and one didn’t have ethernet port use wifi 5ghz but put an access point close by to get strong signal never experience any lip sync issues.

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I’m happy that some don’t have this problem, but I do. What’s weird is that the lip syncing gets progressively worse as you go up the channel list.

Anyway, since no one commented on other TVs, I’ll guess it’s a RokuTV issue specifically and avoid those in the future.

Just a note to say I have a Roku TV connected via ethernet to an ethernet connected Tablo and don’t have any lip sync issues. The specific TV I have is a TCL 49S405.

Does the sync problem vary depending on station? Is it evident with live stations as well as recorded? I’ve occasionally noticed a slight sync issue on 480p stations running an old show, but never on an HD live broadcast or recording.

I’ve had audio sync problems with my Toshiba with Fire TV built in. The only thing that would fix it was to restart the tv. I’ve never been to impressed with this tv.

I like my first-gen TCL Roku TV, but the Tablo app sure puts a strain on it. The remote buttons start lagging, the most laggy being the volume control which responds up to 5 seconds late, but it does work with no lip-sync issues. Much better off going with Fire and Roku sticks, which can always be easily upgraded to the latest, and whose remotes conbine WiFi and infrared. I’m really happy with the FireStick 4k and the current non-4kRoku stick, which are more than powerful enough for the Tablo app and anything else you throw at them.

Exactly. My older Fire stick and Fire pendant work better than TV with it baked in.

Yeah, and I don’t understand that. You would think TV makers would want it to work correctly. But no, and exactly why I will never buy a Roku TV again.

My lip sync issue is on all channels, all the time, live or recorded. I plugged in a FireTV stick and the issues went away (via the FireTV). Gotta be an issue with the OS being onboard vs. a separate item.