Smooth fast forwarding

I have tried fast forwarding on Tablo recordings on Apple TV 4K, Samsung TV, and Amazon Fire TV stick. Only the Apple product allows smooth fast forwarding while the other devices use a 30 second increment in time for each press of the fast forward remote button. Are there other devices that provide smooth fast forwarding?

I have a Apple TV 3 that will fast forward smoothly.

If you press & hold the d-pad you’ll get a faster fast forward:

Each Samsung TV is a bit different so it’s difficult to tell which would support faster speeds, but you can try the same on that remote.

I guess I needed to add that the Apple TV 4K allows smooth fast forwarding and also full screen, no thumbnails.

Apple TV Siri remote allows fast forward and rewind in any increment you want using voice commands.

Very nice. I don’t want to get into the Apple ecosystem, but this is one thing that I wish all streamers could do.