Smaller tv picture with 720p channels

I’ve been using an antenna directly connected to my television and all the OTA channels filled my HDTV screen. Now I’m connected to Tablo through Roku. The channel scan found several channels. Some were 1080 and some 720. I’ve got Roku three set at 1080. The 1080 channels fill the entire screen. The 720 channels project a smaller picture than the size of the screen. Is there a way to fix this or am I stuck with this?

@Lairyhegs The Roku display type can be a little quirky. If you switch it to 720 do all of the channels ‘fit’ appropriately?

I tried switching to 720 on the Roku and it's the same result. Full screen on channels reporting 1080p and smaller screen size on channels reporting 720p.

Also, each time I select a channel on Live TV, it begins to play and then about 20 seconds in, it starts over. Not a huge deal but a bit annoying.

This is very odd behaviour. Which Roku are you using? The Roku 3?

Brand new roku 3

HDTVs should handle 720p full screen, what TV is it?? (just curious, there may be other reports… have you tried googling?)

It’s a Vizio

My kids are now watching an episode of I Love Lucy episode streamed from Amazon Prime. With my Roku 1, we got the full screen. Now, with my new ROKU 3 set on 1080, I’m only getting this as a square picture in the middle of the screen. Doesn’t make a difference to set it at 720. Same with older shows on Netflix (Andy Griffith). Newer stuff is full screen. Again, old roku was full screen for everything I think.

Are you having this problem outside of the Tablo app itself? Like with Netflix and Amazon channels?

Yes, see my previous post about both Netflix and Amazon.

If it’s not restricted to the Tablo channel then it’s definitely some HDMI handshake issue between the Roku and the Vizio TV.

I’m having the same problem with just one channel. When I watch QVC OTA on our 1080p TV without Tablo, the aspect ratio is correct. Watching via Tablo via Roku (both release and preview), the aspect ratio is incorrect and cannot be corrected using TV aspect ratio settings or Roku settings. Any ideas how to fix?