Small But Perfect

“This Tiny 4-Inch TV Aerial Weighs 3oz But Picks Up Channels Perfectly”

Picture taken from the research paper for this antenna -

Antenna prototype mounted on roof next to a traditional one. Amazing if that is all it takes to mount one. I suspected for some time that material used in antenna design and construction could make progress towards better reception and that large antennas aren’t necessarily needed to trap the RF signals (given their small wavelengths).

Smaller antennas, easier to mount with better reception would go a long way towards making OTA even more popular. Interestingly enough the testing for this antenna worked for both UHF and VHF. It also appears to be multi-directional given the way it is laid downwards.

It’s about time some new research was done on antennas. The last significant designs are from the 1950’s!

When President Trump slaps on the import duties on foreign products, we won’t know how cost effective it will be…

With regards to smaller antennas, here is some more research:

“The unravelling of one of the mysteries of electromagnetism could enable the design of antennas small enough to be integrated into an electronic chip, say researchers.”

Imagine a Tablo with an embedded antenna on a chip.