Slow To Load Live TV

Over the last couple days, when I go to live TV on Roku it is taking longer and longer to load.
I just convinced the wife to cut the cable a month ago, and she is leaning to go back… HELP…
Thanks in Advance…

What firmware version is your Tablo unit? Should be visible in the Settings.

I have noticed this also and for the first time in a year I have had several loading pauses that lasted 5-10 secs on recorded shows. Don’t know what is going on??

Are you using a Roku to access your Tablo? The new Roku channel software is running like sludge for me. Every function has slowed to a crawl.


Now it’s splitting recordings into like 4 things… arrrgh
Is it possible it’s overheating and resetting? Do I need a cooling pad?

I’d submit a support ticket so they can take a look at the logs and verify why pieces are being recorded. In my case it was signal/reception issues.