Slow start up after while

Hey guys,
I have a Samsung TV, Amazon 4K Sticks (3 of them) and a 4K Ruku

All them are running latest software. Well the issue is if the unit has sat for a while it will load up super slow.

Once it’s Loads up I have zero issues on all devices

I have 250mbs download and 20mbps uploads.

I have a dual lite unit hard wired directly into router

I had a eero pro and it did it with that as well. I upgraded to an ASUS AX11000 and it’s doing it the same as the eero.

For example if I come home to watch something on my dvr it will take between 1 to 2 minutes to start. I just get the circle on the middle of the screen

I have quick start checked on


What hard drive do you have connected to your Tablo? Maybe it’s going into sleep mode.

I am not sure what the issue is, but there are a couple things it isn’t.

  1. Your internet speed has zero effect on how well your Tablo performs at home. What matters is your internal network speeds.

  2. Enable Fast Live TV startup only affects live TV (basically it starts with a smaller buffer).

Is the slowness happening bringing up the main menu of the Tablo, or is it slow starting a playback/live TV?

It’s a WD that was on the tablo page as suggested and it’s not when viewing dvr it’s when u launch the app and pulling up the main screen I’ll get as video when I get home

Is the 1-2 minutes from when you start the app(OK button on the app), or search for the tablo, or connect to tablo unit, or?

When I don’t use my Fire TV Sticks for a while app startup is slow. I think Fire OS/UI is phoning home to verify device and app. Plus Fire OS broadcast for device discovery is much slower.

It’s when u first launch it I get a screen with the blue in the left and a blue circle spinning
This happens on my Samsung Tv app, all the Fire tvs and the Roku


Try selecting the FireTV on your TV set and when the blue circle appears, immediately click the center button on the FireTV remote once or twice.

well here’s the video what do u guys think?
Slow start

Are the Fire TV Sticks full? The storage on the devices I mean.

Nope not all all. Happens with Roku and Samsung TV app and LG TV app

If it’s on all the apps, it’s like a networking thing. Maybe factory reset your router.

Maybe it is Syncing?

I notice that you are using Tablo Preview.

Have you tried the other app which is just shown as Tablo? Does it indicate “Syncing” just under the “Tablo” at the top left of the screen?

I’m going to install the non preview version and see if that helps.
I don’t think it’s a network issue it happened with my eero mesh system and I swapped to an ASUS Gt Ax11000

It’s hardwired btw and swapped cat cabled