Slow on latest roku update or hd issue

I had a network issue and I restarted my tablo and network. Everything connected again and I’m able to watch shows, but I have slowness when starting or fast forward like with tablo ver 2.2.6. What I don’t know if it was the latest update of roku app or when I restarted tablo. Will tablo auto repair or fix indexes on hd or is this a app issue.

First I would update to 2.2.8 on the Tablo, fixed a lot of Roku playback issues.

What Roku model? 4200?

I have Tablo version 2.2.8 and latest Roku app. Sorry for the confusion. I only mentioned 2.2.6 to give reference to slowness. Version 2.2.8 had fix slowness and I loved the speed, but now I’m slow again.

I’m just hoping tablo auto fixes corrupt indexes or hd frag issues or if they have a utilities to run some diagnostics.

Roku 3, two tuner tablo

@Wolverine Hard to say without taking a look at your Tablo - do you have a ticket with us? If so, PM me the ticket number. Or send our support team a note here.

Problem solved!!!

I tried my other Roku in another room on another Ethernet switch and bam it was fast. So I reset my slow Roku by unplugging it for a few minutes because the menu reset was not doing it. I also did the same for my network switch. Now it’s fast again.

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I’ll try rebooting my Roku. When the LPW appeared, I went back to THE SOLUTION, which is NP and no problem.