Slow navigating from Roku 3 and TCL Roku TV

Navigating through the Tablo Roku app is extremely slow to respond for me. It takes 15-30 seconds just to bring up most items. The Tablo is connected via ethernet and not WiFi.

I have 2 TCL Roku TV’s and 2 Roku 3’s. All exhibit the same slowness and only one is being used at a time. Is this normal?

That isn’t normal, as I usually see 7 seconds or less to do about anything on my ethernet connected Roku3.  But if you have a lot of episodes for a show, it is a little slower than that.  How many different shows do you have recorded?  Is the slowness on ones with lots of episodes?

I’m just starting out with it. Only recorded about 3 shows. It’s been slow since day 1 - even before any recordings.

@sgraves Are any/all of the Roku’s on Wi-Fi? Any chance you can put one of them on Ethernet to see if it makes a difference?

Only the TCL TV’s are WiFi, everything else is Cat5e through gigabit switches. I performed a reset on the box and it did seem to speed things up a bit. I’ll need to schedule some shows again to see how it performs.