Slow and now can't connect on Firestick

Been a Tablo user for about a year and a half now, and been on a Firestick for about 6 months and increasingly being frustrated by the unreliability of this thing. The Tablo works just fine on my laptop. But I’m currently staring at a screen on my tv that reads “A connection to your Tablo could not be established”.

Have reset the Tablo, have power cycled the tablo, have deleted and readded both the Tablo Preview and Tablo regular apps, have reset the firestick, and have power cycled the router … and … nothing.

Have I forgotten anything?

Its also been taking FOREVER to just load the main menu recently. This is getting a little unusable for watching ‘live’ television unfortunately.

Can anyone help?


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Have been using Tablo on Fire Stick for over a year, flawless operation always. Are you using the Tablo PREVIEW app (as opposed to the regular, older Tablo app)?

On the firestick since the summer. The occasional drop but generally pretty good. And yes, using the Preview app but I can’t get either app to connect today.

Try to force stop the app, clear cache, and then clear data. I’ve been having to do this on my Toshiba Fire TV occasionally.

Thanks for the suggestion. I often have the same problem. How do I clear cache and data on the Tablo? I can’t find it in the settings or elsewhere?

You clear the cache and data on the streaming device, mine is Fire TV. You go into the settings, manage apps, select Tablo.

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