Slingbox via (Roku)

Instead of buying a subscription to tablo, has anyone tried hooking up a slingbox via a (Roku) to stream remotely?

Since the Tablo has no video outputs, this would not work.

What I’m thinking of trying is to use the (Roku) connected to the slingbox and then use the tablo (Roku) app via the slingbox outside the home network. I’ll be controlling the tablo via of the SlingPlayer.

Actually, it would work if you stream directly from the Roku… I recently got rid of my old SlingBox because it was no longer working (it was really old) and don’t plan on replacing it because it’s no longer needed since I have a Tablo with a lifetime subscription.

Controlling the Roku from the SlingBox might be another issue… if I remember right, you select a “remote” to control your local TV box (Cable/Satellite/etc.) and I doubt the new Slingboxes have a Roku remote, so you might have to get creative. There are Rokus that can be controlled via an IR signal, i.e my Roku 4… if you can’t control it directly from the SLingBox, you might be able to rig up something else.

But, it might not be worth it given how inexpensive a Tablo subscription is.

The Roku is as much a standalone player as the FireTv, AppleTv, and AndroidTV boxes. Are you confusing it with Chromecast?

@snowcat Oh, my bad. The Tablo app from the Roku is the same. I guess it wouldn’t matter in regards to the Slingbox using a Roku to use the Tablo app. I have a 2016 Roku stick and to watch Slingbox, I have to launch it via a phone or tablet. On my FireTV’s, I can launch a remote Slingbox from the App itself. Is it different on other Rokus? The earlier ones did the same thing and that’s why have FireTV hardware. The new 2016 Roku stick is pretty snappy…i’m impressed.