Slingbox M1?

I have a 400 lb 13 year old HDTV that is component input.  I got an old Roku N1101 because it has component output, but that is just the physical connection; I had to downgrade it to 480.  It is so old that the Tablo app won’t run on it, and the Plex / Tablo channel has problems.  So I got a Roku 2 because it has RCA output, which my amp can handle.  But I saw a Slingbox M1 which has component output built in, plus wired network which is best for me.  But I can’t see if there is any way to set this thing up.  The Slingbox site won’t talk to me without registering a product. I can’t determine if it will do LAN in, component out, and if so how would it play with Tablo and/or Plex?

Probably a long shot, but I cannot convince my wife to get a new TV with HDMI.

Slingbox won’t do anything with Tablo. Its sole purpose is placeshifting. It takes output from a cable box and streams it anywhere. It has component inputs because HDMI has all kinds of copy protection that prevents Slingbox from using the output.

@oldmike - It may be time to scour Craigslist for someone who bought a fancy new TV for the big game and is ditching their HDMI-enabled but not quite new model and stop by the florist shop on your way home with it ;)