Sling TV

HAHA i have 2 pure bread english bulldogs :-) 

@PiX64  Love it!!  Great picture.  

@PiX6 my wife would LOVE those

Ain’t gonna lie…I’m a little miffed that I STILL haven’t gotten my Sling invite. I signed up back on 10 January. I know a couple of people that signed up days later than I did, and have gotten their invites. grumbles

Yeah join the club, I signed up on Jan 10th to…I’m looking forward to ESPN, TNT and TBS for the sports.  That’s the biggest thing that I miss after cutting the cord

I read somewhere that they where doing it my demograhics which I assume would include markets.

For those that have this, how is the streaming quality for fast-action sports on ESPN? Watching soccer matches has proven challenging for other streaming services I’ve tried due to compression artifacts.

I wonder if they’re sending invites out based on market? 

Isn’t it supposed to be available widely later this month? Recall reading that somewhere.

@chrismc since I am old school 720p I may not have a good answer for you. But it looks as good as expected for streaming. Someone who has 1080p may need to answer at higher quality.

That’s what I was thinking. I think invites went slower than expected. Sounds like they underestimated the initial interest level to me. I would bet they will delay launch for public consumption to avoid crashing thier servers. 

"The Sling TV service still doesn’t have an official launch date, but Sling says it will launch nationwide sometime before February 9. It will be available only in the US."

But that is pretty soon and I would be surprised if they hit that date

I don’t watch many sports, but what i have watched on sling is pretty incredible on roku 3 1080p.  I have also tested it on android, nexus player, and mac all with the same pretty awesome results.

The interface looks nice.  The Tablo interface needs some massaging :slight_smile:

TabloTV, :wink: :wink:

*more grumbling *

FYI, for those of you waiting:

I am still not sold on the $20 a month yet, but

"Hey everyone! Great news: we’re already adding to our channel lineup! For those who are already enjoying the service, we’ve released a $5 per month “Sports Extra” add-on pack which includes: ESPNEWS, ESPNU, SEC Network, ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN Goal Line, Universal Sports, Univision Deportes, and beIN Sports. We’ve also added El Rey, Maker, and Galavisión to our core package."

Pretty soon they’ll have all the channels nobody wants!!  :slight_smile:

Wait is finally over for me. :slight_smile:

Got mine tonight as well. I had read on Facebook last week you had to call to sing up. I was able to sign up online. I like it so far.

I’m watching ESPN right now…and the “Commercial break. We’ll be right right back” is actually more annoying than watching real commercials. I was expecting it…but still a little odd. Picture looks good. I’ve only gotten up to 2.6mb so far (on my blazing-fast 6mb DSL 8-|), but both the wife and I are using some bandwidth right now. Even at only 2.6, the picture looks very, very good.

It looks like a keeper.

I’m only about 30 miles from you, roraniel, so maybe they are, in fact, rolling it out by region.