Sling TV, PS Vue, Hulu Live TV, Directv Now.....Which should I choose?

I came across this site that will aggregate what package might be the best deal from what service.

I thought it was very useful and a whole lot better than going from one site to the next trying to figure out which package at what price with what channel…blah blah blah.

Check it out my fellow Tablo TV users.

It is still in beta, so everything might not be there are or entirely correct. FYI

Man this would have been handy when I was in the beginning stages of my cord cutting mission. I created a spreadsheet that listed all the must have and would be nice to have channels. Then went site to site, plan to plan marking and color coding. Took forever. Just pulled that spreadsheet up and went to this site had the same results in less than 2 minutes.

Definitely could be a handy for someone starting their journey or revisiting options.

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Thanks for the link.

I at the very least discovered that Sling’s Blue package now actually allows 3 simultaneous streams while Orange still only one, but potentially you can watch/record up to 4 programs at once as long as one but only one is an Orange package channel.

This at least means Sling is now a possible option for me. We use 3 streams every night & sometimes 4 but that is only occasionally. The big question now is will 50 DVR hours be sufficient?

I did the same thing. Probably not as thorough as you, but still a pain in the butt to aggregate into 1 easy to look at spreadsheet. I’m glad I found the site because I can’t remember where I saved that spreadsheet. :man_facepalming:

50 hours will not be enough! :grinning:

Thanks, this is a pretty cool website that lets you pick channels and features that are important and then compares prices. Checked it and saw that SlingTV (which we’ve been using for a while now) is still the best fit for us currently. Definitely a site I’ll bookmark and come back to occasionally.

I have just dropped PS Vue and signed up for Sling TV Blue plus 4 packages for $40 month. The DVR was not working correctly on my Roku 2 and 3, and the Win10 app, so I sent an email to their support line. I got a message back in 10 minutes asking me for version numbers, connection speed, and the usual tech details plus asking me to turn on logging. They immediately emailed back again and said that they sent the request to their DVR division and said to be patient and it would be fixed soon. Within 2 hours the DVR was working perfectly and the whole interface was much more responsive. I am very impressed with their tech support so far. I expect that the DVR capacity will be increased soon because of demand. The major problem is that you can’t fast forward through most of the on demand offerings. It is much more polished than PS Vue considering that Vue did a 25% price increase and still has a lousy Roku app.