Sling TV New Beta Multi-Stream Subscription

I’ve been a Sling TV subscriber around the same time I hooked up my Tablo back in February of this year. The single stream option of Sling has annoyed me from the get go, but for $20/month I thought I’d live with it until something better is offered.

Well it looks like Sony Vue has forced Sling TV’s hand to upgrade, and now offers a new 3 multi-stream subscription. It not only has the 3 simultaneous streams, but offers 30 channels (instead of 23) that include all the “Fox” channels. This is great news for Sling TV sports fans that were stuck with ESPN as their only sports channel. We now have access to Fox local MLB, NHL, and NBA games! (Go Twins and Wild!)

Anyway, for the same $19.99/month you can get another “Beta” option. Apparently ESPN/Disney haven’t agreed with Sling on the multi-stream option, so if you choose multi-stream, you lose those offerings. I’m glad they’ve headed in the multi-stream direction. DTV will be coming out this fall with their streaming service, so it’s going to be interesting to see what competition will be available.

Here are the details:


Wow. This is the streaming package I have been wanting for a while. I dropped regular Sling and signed up for the beta. I have been missing watching the Predators and Braves, and this package has those games. I already have other methods to watch ESPN, and no one in my family watches Disney anymore.

Having multiple streams is a nice bonus as well. All I had to do is sign into my account, and change the options. It credited my last month of Sling and pro-rated this month’s worth of the beta.

I also noticed that all the “alternate” Fox sports channels are there as well. So if multiple games are on your FSN networks at the same time, you can still watch them all.


Yeah, switching from the single to multi-stream was quick and painless. I also noticed those Alt Fox Sports channels. Both the Wild and Twins play tonight, so I’m expecting one of those games to be aired over on an Alt channel.

Another nice feature for Sling over Vue, is the fact the streams can be remote. With Vue, the 5 streams are “household” streams, so they all have to be from the same modem IP address. The three multi-streams from Sling can be used anywhere. I like that much better!

Is there anyway to record content from Sling for viewing later? I never watch Live TV. Can’t seem to schedule my life around live tv. Plus cant sit through the commercials.

Sling TV doesn’t offer any type of “cloud” DVR like Sony Vue, so that’s where Vue has the edge over Sling TV. Sling does offer a few “on demand” shows you can view. It looks like the Fox additions actually have quite a bit of “on demand” shows available. Most of the Sling viewing is just the same as watching their channels from cable or satellite providers. I guess they do have movies you can rent also.