Slight scheduling issue

I have a couple of shows that start 5 min. after the hour. When I’m in grid view and click on the show to record, it always puts the start time 25 min later. For example, Big Brother starts at 9:05 (it is an hour long show) but when I click on it to record it sets the recording time from 9:30-10:30. I mean, it’s not a huge issue to go and fix it, but if I do end up forgetting, I’m only getting half of the episode. Anyone else having this issue?

@MisterJoji That’s odd; can you send a screenshot (and a date of the airing, as an example) to our support team? We’d like to take a look.

Sent a request and here are the pics as requested.

What device are you using to schedule the manual recording?

Can you try an iPad or the website on a computer in the Chrome browser?

It does it on the iPhone, iPad and portal.

Weird it works on my iPhone 6. What iOS are you running? See screenshots below.

That is weird. iOS is up to date (9.3.5) and Tablo is firmware 2.2.10.

Back to your 2nd screenshot, if you click on the down arrow to the right of the 12:30 mark, it should provide you with the option to change the time. See screenshot below.

Yeah I know, that’s what I do. In just worried that when I record a season, if any of the episodes within that season don’t start exactly on the hour, I’m going to miss part of the episode. It’s kind of cumbersome to have to go and double check every episode of every show I want to record.

Our team managed to confirm an issue here; we’re still debugging, but many thanks for posting this.

Great, thanks!