Sirius music plays when I pause a live TV

So I listened to Sirius XM om my Firestick yesterday. When I closed the Sirius XM app and started watching a recorded show on Table, music from Sirius XM would play when I pause the show. This also happens when I pause a live show. This is new and has never happened before. I know that the Sirius XM app has been upgraded so I don’t know if this has anything to do with this.

Anyone know why this is happening?

You can google firetv stick about apps playing in the background and try some of the suggestions.

It’s likely you need to change a setting in your SiriusXM app. I believe that by default it is set to play in the background when you close the app. I would take zippy’s suggestion and google possible Firestick solutions if you can’t find anything in the SiriusXM app to stop this.

The search shouldn’t be limited to the sirus app but any suggestion on controling back ground apps on the firestick.

The fix was so simple I’m a little embarrassed. In the Firestick settings, go to applications, manage installed applications, Sirius, force stop.
That’s it. When I use the Sirius app again, I’ll probably need to log back in.
Thanks all.

Awesome – glad you found a trick that worked!

I hadn’t thought of it before, but maybe a simple Firestick restart would work as well. Hope it stops giving you trouble. BTW, a simple force quit shouldn’t cause you to log in again. As long as you didn’t clear the app data, you should be fine.

Thanks for keeping us posted!