Simultaneous viewing of recordings

Has the ability to watch up to 6 recordings simultaneously been eliminated from the Gen 4 Tablo?

Ive never tried 6… I have done 4 at once.


On the Gen 4? I know the Legacy stipulated up to 6 recordings plus however many tuners you had.

Yes Gen 4, 2 tuner.

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So 6 is still possible according to that article.

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As far as I understand it, you can have as many recording streams playing as your bandwidth can handle.

During the FireTV testing yesterday, I had 4OTA and 1FAST going without issue – all separate channels, not recordings.

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lol… now you got me wanting to borrow 2 more TVs to find out!


I tested 6 on the legacy model because I had enough computers to do so. I only have 5 devices in my home with the 4th gen app on them, so I haven’t tried 6.

I do remember that the legacy Tablo itself needed to be connected by ethernet to the home network to support 6. If the Tablo was just wi-fi, it would only support 3, and possibly 4. Though with the bandwidth available now with wifi 6 and above, that limitation may be gone.


Quit making me think things!

I keep forgetting I’ve got 3 STBs tucked away and the AppleTV I don’t use very often.


But… okay, maybe tomorrow.


I think the current gen 4 has AC cards in them.

Legacy has AC also, right?

Edit: they have the same AC cards.


I saw this topic and had to verify my previous test results. I had as many as 8 recordings playing before. Today, I stopped at playing 6 while watching 2 ota chans as they record and watching 2 fast chans as they record for a total of 10 playing. All on a 4th gen dual on a mixture of Roku, Android mobile and Android tablets.


Aww. You’re spoiling all the “fun” I had in store for the next few days!

Thanks for testing this, man. Glad everything is working as you last thought!

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Sorry! Couldn’t pass it up. I could have done more with 8 Rokus, 7 android tablets and 3 android mobiles. I also get 1gig wifi 10 feet from the router and 300 meg about 50 feet away thru walls.


Dude… more power to ya! I wasn’t really sure how I was gonna pull it off since sometimes things close/pause when you switch between HDMI.

I love it! YOU, my friend, are AWESEOME!

Max that baby out, that’s what we gotta do!

Regardless, I’m very impressed by your results. I appreciate your dedication. Great job!