Simplified Tablo App

Does there exist a simplified version of the Tablo app that does not constantly require a connection to the Tablo servers via the internet?

Understandably, this option would give up many Tablo features. However, all I really want is to distribute over the air channels through my home network. Don’t need a TV guide, listings of the special Tablo channels, DVR, or anything that requires something other than what you get from over the air signal. I just need to be able to select a channel to watch. Old school TV without the bells and whistles. I am tired of Tablo getting hung up one third of the time. The experience with a direct connection to an antenna is so much better.

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It does not exist.

They did have a server outage today. They may have been your problem.

I totally get where you’re coming from, but unfortunately it’s like asking Amazon Video to simplify their annoying Roku app. :upside_down_face:

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You could try a Legacy Tablo. Probably have to buy a used or find some unused one on eBay or similar.

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To add to what andyross said, the legacy Tablo app on some platforms can still access legacy Tablo DVRs while an Internet connection is unavailable, otherwise you’re out of luck. Legacy Tablo DVRs can be found here and on eBay.

Also for Legacy Tablo’s there’s some HDHomeRun emulator software you can run on your PC, to use them that way.

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve got a spare antenna cable switch, I could sell you for cheap. I probably have a spare splitter somewhere too, if you have the signal strength for that.

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Appreciate the responses and recommendations. Since I already have the antenna and the coax cable to distribute the signal, I am leaning towards just punching holes in the walls where I need the coax and dumping the Tablo. It seemed like a perfect solution; but, their app just gets in the way of a smooth experience.

I know you said you weren’t interested in the DVR function, but maybe a hybrid approach would work better for you. Punch holes in the wall and run the antenna coax to the TV, but split the coax and let it feed the Tablo as well for the DVR function.

FWIW, we very seldom watch live TV, almost all our viewing is time shifted - will never go back to the old way.