Simple question: How do I play live TV on an actual TV?

I have a chromecast.  I’m able to view live tv from the tablo ap on my iPad, how in the heck can I cast it to the Chromecast, I don’t see a cast button?


You can only use Chromecast on Android devices or PCs with the Tablo.  For whatever reason, it is not supported for iPads.

Thanks. I guess I don’t have much use for the Tablo now. I wish the snazzy YouTube videos explained that screwup.

Can you try the Tablo web app in the Chrome browser on your iPad and cast that way?

I can view the Tablo in the Chrome browser, but I see no “cast” button.  Is there something I’m not getting.  Apps overlayed on Apps are confusing to me.

Sorry the videos weren’t clear on that aspect @Dirtfarmer. There’s a lot we had to cram in to 60 seconds and it’s a lot shorter than it sounds.

This requirement is stated on our website and we are planning to add Chromecast support to our iOS app. In the meantime, you can cast using the web app but you’ll need to install the Chromecast extension for your browser first. 
Thanks. I guess I don't have much use for the Tablo now. I wish the snazzy YouTube videos explained that screwup.

From the FAQ:

  • What technologies does it work with?

    Tablo enables you to browse, record and stream live HDTV programming on the following devices:

    • Apple and Android tablets
    • Apple and Android smartphones
    • PC or Mac computers
    • Plex

    Televisions using enabling devices including:

    • AppleTV (via AirPlay from an iPad)
    • Roku
    • Google Chromecast (via the Android app)

OK, sorry if I sounded harsh earlier.  I did honestly put several hours researching the best option to replacing an aging Tivo.  If there was one additional line under “Televisions using enabling devices” that read “Note:  Google Chromecast is not currently enabled to function on iOS devices”, it would have been more clear to the 11 million iPad users.

I’m trying to limit the amount of devices needed to simply watch and record TV.  I really wanted Tablo to work.

For what it’s worth, the ipad app works perfectly via airplay using an AppleTV. I record using the 1080p setting and the quality is really good (wife approved).

An HDMI wire and an apple adapter for your iPad is good. If you usually watch in one location you might run an HDMI cable along a wall baseboard between iPad and your TV. I use it this way, but everyone’s needs are different. A $20 HDMI wire works the same as one costing $80 and there are HDMI couplers to connect more than one wire if needed. I think you can still have use for the Tablo.