Simple little Python project for use with M3U capable systems

Hi all. Hoping to give back a little to the community. I wrote a couple of dead simple little Python scripts to use my Tablo device as an M3U-based IPTV source. I’m currently using it with NextPVR and Jellyfin. It works for me, but as always YMMV.


Would think this might suffice as that “proxy bridge” for remote viewing without the limitations of Tablo Connect.

Could be. I wouldn’t put this internet facing as-is though. There’s no security to it whatsoever.

I wrote a TabloTV tuner input device for NextPVR which doesn’t need python or a server and delivers the live streams on demand, much like and HDHR tuner. See this post for details. It might be easier for some. Details here TabloTV Extra

NextPVR streams can be view remotely using native clients, Kodi, the NextPVR web interface and from Jellyfin and Emby too.

I have an XMLTV EPG generator too that works for me but not others.