Simple Control / Roomie Remote Control?

I’ve done a search but wasn’t able to find anything specifically about this. Does anyone know if there has been any talk of integration with Simple Control, (formerly Roomie Remote)?

They have great integration with live tv providers and DVR’s like DirecTV and Dish Network and Tivo. With the 2-way communication I can view the guide and DVR recordings and select a guide item or DVR item to playback within the app interface and it sends IP commands to the equipment. It would be awesome if from within Simple Control I could be watching Plex on my Roku and then say switch over to Tablo app on the Roku but then the Tablo DVR control could be right there on the app instead of navigating within the Roku channel.


@Nathan_Berry-Chaney - There is a downloadable smartphone ‘remote’ for Roku that could work.

Yeah I’m aware of that but it’s just a remote. I may as well use the regular Roku remote. And the whole point of Simple Control is to unify all of your devices into one app such as tv’s, set-top boxes, amps/receivers, IP cameras, blu-ray players, etc.

The beauty of the 2-way IP communication with the other set-top/dvr boxes that I mentioned is that I can manage the recordings without interrupting what is currently being displayed on my tv. Though as I’m writing this I’m also looking in to the API that you guys have. Man some official documentation would be great. I can probably get Simple Control to develop the necessary bits in their app for this but some real documentation would be required first.

I don’t know why I didn’t notice the posts about the API sooner. Is it still a WAMP API or has it moved to REST?

@Nathan_Berry-Chaney - It is indeed a REST app now but you’ll need to register for our official developer program to gain access. You can touch base with us at for more details. Make sure to outline your plans. We’ll send along an NDA that you’ll need to sign.

Ah well I’ll have to forward that info along to the folks at Simple Control. They would be the ones who would be doing stuff. I’ll inform them of developer program. Ball is in their court now I guess. Thanks