SiliconDust entering the DVR market

SiliconDust is entering the network DVR software market

I wonder how this bodes on their relationship with SimpleTV?

there was another thread discussing this… forget the name but you can search for it.

Sorry. I’m relatively new here and didn’t read all the best of posts.

Here is the thread below. Important things to note about this SD product is there is no iOS or Roku support. That is a huge drawback. Plus an existing company using kickstarter is ethically and morally questionable.

Have we seriously degraded to the point where you are critical of a business because you disagree with how they are using Kickstarter? Whats next, a protest for serving GMO food products to employees? It totally fine to be critical of their pseudo-vaporware product but having competing products for the end user is only a good thing. Please step off the high horse.


I wasn’t the first one to point this out. Go take a read of the original thread - I was just echoing @roraniel 's thoughts. Go jump down his throat.

I’m well aware of the original thread, his comments and thought equally the same. Blaming him for what you chose to say is equally lame.


Well I’m not sure what I did to you nor do I know why you choose to direct your ill-thought through comments at only me.

Would you honestly object to Nuvyyo using Kickstarter to raise funding and awareness of TabloTV? You’ve been on this forum long enough to know the current pace of Tablo development is entirely limited by resources. Unless you are opposed to development, most users would be thrilled to see Tablo take that route or find another source of investment but thus far they keep chugging along at the only pace they are capable. SiliconDust to their credit made a wise business decision, that’s what successful companies do and there is nothing ethically or morally questionable.