Signal strength but pixelated

Issue with 4th gen tuner stating 1080 but pixelated. Laggy. Add to that when I come in to Tablo using fire stick, from day one no voice on any of the channels at first. It take ten minutes to get audio. Oh and it’s behind the video. So tired of companies claiming they have a solid product and it does not work. No response from ticket request. Anyone else having these issues. This product has some massive issues.

It sounds like you’re not getting a very good antenna reception

A few things to check are your signal strength (you can see how well your stations came in on your last scan if you go to Settings>Guide>Channel Lineup. Because this wasn’t very recent, I would recommend running another channel scan and if any of them are not four green dots, try moving your antenna.

You can also try turning the Tablo’s built-in antenna amplifier on or off – reversing whatever setting you have it on now.

Many things can cause reception issues, including being too close to your station or having over-amplified settings. In general, if your antenna is powered/amplified, you wouldn’t need your Tablo’s on, too.