Signal problem with Tablo

I am Running Tablo 2 channel through Roku with a hardwired internet connection. When I run the antenna straight to the TV. All available channels are at 100% on the built in signal meter. Through Tablo a channel will load and then drop out ( go into refresh) and come back. This happens every few seconds making the channel unwatchable. I have the antenna direct to TV now bypassing the Tablo. Sure would like to use the Tablo. Can anyone help?




How far is the antenna from the tv? And how far is the antenna from the tablo?

The Tablo and TV are right next to each other. Total cable length to the antenna is about 70 feet.

Yes there is an amplifier

I also have this issue. It only really affects a few substations (5-2, 5-3…while 5-1 is good reception). Through the TV’s station tuner it is listed as 100% reception and on my tablo I get a “weak signal” message and cannot view them. Is it possible that the tuner in the tablo is simply just not as good as the tuner in my TV?

I’m having the same issue. Local CBS channel comes in clear on TV tuner but doesn’t come in as well on the Tablo. Every other channel is fine. It’s strange because it seemed to do this after one of the last couple of updates. Have just updated to 2.2.8, so I’m hoping it will have fixed something.