Signal dropping during live TV


I’m having issues with the signal dropping during live TV. Our antenna is connected and repeated channel scans said strong signal on all channels. It will work fine and drop in the middle of a live show (or recorded shows are broken into several different files each time signal is lost).

Every test says signal is fine but why the intermittent signal? I appreciate your help, thanks!

Sounds like your experiencing the Cliff Effect of digital OTA signals.

You could try adjusting your antenna. I tuned the position of mine using a HDHomeRun and a iPad app that shows live Digital Signals for my channels.

You could also try adding a signal amp to your setup. I used this one.

If your cable run to the Tablo from your antenna is long you could try a Pre-Amp mounted at the antenna. I used this one.

My signal is rock solid in every weather condition but severe thunder storms.

Yes it sounds like poor OTA signal. If you take the coax cable directly from the OTA antenna and plug it into your HDTV tuner, do you get all the channels properly? Or is there pixelation?

I have moved my digital antenna to my TV and I have been able to watch all channels with no problem. I’m even able to view one channel that Tablo said was too weak to pick up. The picture is not very clear but it’s clear enough to watch it.

I will try your preamp idea. In my old house I tried and no help but in new home I do have a longer distance. Why do you have a HDHomeRun? The app you mentioned looks like it only works with the HDHomeRun. I wish Tablo had such an app. Tuning can be a challenge. The Compass placed on the antenna does work but I always wonder if could be a lot easier.

Well if you physically moved the OTA antenna then all bets are off. The physical move can change the OTA signal strength that feeds the Tablo.

Can you plug the Tablo into the antenna where you have it placed to connect to the HDTV? That’s probably the best idea now.

I bought the HDHomeRun specifically for tuning in my antenna. I compared the cost of the HomeRun to a good field meter and it was far more affordable.

I tried to connect the antenna directly into the TV with limited results. There was still some random digitizing on channels with solid signal strength. After fining a free TV signal locator app in Google Play, I have now moved my antenna to the front of the house where the signal comes from. It’s been about 4 hours since I made the modification. So far I have not had one channel drop out due to signal strength. It’s been storming on and off all day here in Indianapolis and still a strong signal.

I was about to buy the signal enhancer recommended in this thread. I think I’m going to hold off and give it a week and see what happens. I just have to get this locked down before football season starts!

I will update in a week, thanks!

Good news. What signal app did you use?

I used TV Antenna Helper Free from the Google play store. Great help!