Sign in cookies

Reading some posts have sign in to comment. Am I not signed in?
When I try to comment a page opens for user name and password. I have auto fill. When I click summit nothing happens. A pop-up at top says cookies must be installed before signing in. When I try to install the cookies I get a blank page. Endless circle!

Do you see your icon (H inside of a blue circle) in the upper right hand corner of the screen? If you see that you are signed in. Also, just the fact that you are creating posts indicates again that you are signed in.

I don’t know why you are receiving the message to sign in if you are already signed in.

Yes? That is what’s troubling me. It just happens when the post states (must be signed in to comment).

Maybe @TabloTV can answer your question, it doesn’t seem to make any sense why you are receiving that message.

Maybe! I see OKC in your username. Are you in OKC viewing? I’m in the Lawton/ Wichita Falls viewing. Get OKC channels from translated tower in Hollis. Hollis isn’t real reliable since OKC sends signal to Sayer. Then Sayer sends it to Hollis. Channel 9 CBS is the only one that I actually depend on.

Yes, I’m located approximately 12 miles east of the majority of antenna towers in the OKC area. I’m semi rural, but close enough to get to downtown OKC in 30 minutes. My biggest reception problem is due to large trees. I have an Antop AT 400-BV antenna, mounted approximately 30’ above ground level on a tower. Still have occasional problems due to weather and trees.

May be related to privacy settings, extensions bolcking “things” or a check box ticked thinking you are protecting you from yourself.

Very likely.