Shows that you are recording

Since no one has posted in this forum yet, I thought I would kick it off.

Sunday night right now is my main night for recordings.  I capture the Simpsons, Call the Midwife (my wife loves that show), and Cosmos (which is a pretty cool show).

My daughter likes Hannibal on Fridays, and my wife and I watch Big Bang Theory on Thursdays.  

I also can’t wait for Sleepy Hollow to come back.  That was my favorite new show of last year.

@snowcat - I’m LOVING the fact that I have a back catalogue of Simpsons episodes at my disposal now. I have most of my top 10 list… Still missing Mr. Plow and King Sized Homer. I do have ‘You Only Move Twice’ which is the one with Hank Scorpio. Amazing episode.

I have this year’s Big Bang episodes waiting as well as Cosmos recorded - glad you think it’s good! Just need to stop hanging out on message boards talking about Tablo and actually use it more! :))

-Fifa World Cup from Univision (laugh so hard with Brazil loss, lol, I’m from Colombia)

-60 minutes
-CBS Morning News
-KHOU morning news, because they have Chita Johnson, the weather girl, :wink:
-Six million dollar man. I know is an oldie, but liked it when I was a kid.

And I know wife will record Blue Bloods. 

 Chita Johnson, the weather girl

That must be some awesome weather she’s reporting :))

here ya go, plan and already recording plus a few shows that I found to be interesting that I never watched. This list is from when we had cable so some shows are no longer playing or coming back.

Last Man Standing
Zero Hour
The Fosters
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Back in the Game
The Goldbergs
The Big Bang Theory
Under the Dome
The Amazing Race
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Person of Interest
The Crazy Ones
24: Live Another Day
American Idol
The Following
Hell's Kitchen
Almost Human
Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
The Blacklist
NBC Nightly News
Chicago Fire
Crossing Lines
Sean Saves the World
Hart of Dixie
The Vampire Diaries
Whose Line Is It Anyway?

I record a ton of shows and movies but to keep the list on the shorter side I will list my favorites:

2 Broke Girls
Last Man Standing
Just for Laughs

And some oldies but goodies:
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Twilight Zone
Rod Serling’s Night Gallery
The Mary Tyler Moore Show