Shows recordings but can't scroll down to select them

I have been able to record shows, but some of the recordings do not automatically scroll to the bottom to allow me to choose which recording to watch.

Also, another show I’ve recorded freezes at the same spot each time and gets stuck on buffering indefinitely.

What device are you using for playback? Roku, Fire TV, iPhone, iPad?

I’m using Chrome on my Mac

I then project the show to my smart TV using Chromecast. I would access the shows on my iPhone but do not see a cast option.

Hopefully the Tablo folks will eventually get around to allow iPhones and iPads to use the Chromecast, but right now it only works from computers and Android devices.

I haven’t been able to watch an entire show all the way through yet using Tablo…

How about playback just on your iPhone or just on the Chrome browser on your Mac? Basically is playback fine without casting to your Chromecast.

Also, is your Tablo hard wired to your eouter?

I’m not able to scroll down in Chrome to access the shows but can on my phone. I’d prefer to not watch TV on my phone when I’m home.

And no my Tablo is set up via wifi

  1. What version of the Chrome browser do you have on your Mac? It may need updating to the latest version. I access on my Chrome browser but on a PC and I have no problems scrolling to the end of the recording lists.

  2. I totally understand you prefer to not watch TV on your iPhone or even on your Mac. I am trying to troubleshoot your second issue of “freezing”. The Chromecast is not the best device for Tablo playback due to poor WiFi signal and limited processing power.

  3. What is your recording quality set to? The WiFi antenna in the Chromecast is not the best, it’s tiny and it only supports 2.4 GHz so many people have had issues streaming higher bitrates of 1080p to it. It does not matter if you have an amazing router, the front end device itself it the limitation. That is why Tablo created the “720p Roku / Chromecast” recording quality.

  4. I highly recommend you hard wire your Tablo to your router. Engaging in “Double WiFi” creates latency and speed issues. The first use of WiFi is from Tablo to router, and the second use is from router to Chromecast. I am assuming the Mac you are casting from is hard wired to the router - if it’s not, then you’ve added a third leg of WiFi which is just asking for problems with the Tablo streaming that uses quite high video bitrates.

  5. For others encountering streaming issues with the Chromecast, read this entire thread:

Thank you for your help. It says my Chrome is up to date. I have no issues casting HBONOW to my TV and will try hard wiring my tablo to my router. Will let you know!