Shows do not seem to record

Greetings folks,
I am recording some shows on my Tablo - Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD and they do not seem to record. I am in Colorado Springs Colorado and not sure what to do to check on why. Any pointers?

Probably going to have to ask support.

But you need to make sure that the red indicator isn’t on any of the shows upper right border.

Over the years I’ve seen a number of ways that tablo indicates a failed recording. So who knows what the current method is. When in the WEB browser on the Recording menu they use have a hidden filter called “Failed” just to the right of “Most Recent” that appeared for a failed recording.

List all the details of your setup and there and many that will offer help here. Cheers (Support will not be up and running until Monday AM)

At least some of those series are showing reruns this week. Do you have your Tablo set to record new episodes only?

Do you have new shows only checked? If you do and new flag not in guide, it won’t record. Have you tried record all? Do yoy gave do not record duplicates checked?

We also seem to be missing almost all recordings from any shows set to “record new” from the last 2 weeks. These had all worked fine previously. We did a channel rescan around when that happened but all the channels remained the same. Anybody else have issues like this? I’ve set the schedules to record all going forward but my wife is pretty mad.

You would need to take the future show’s episode in question where you think the show is “new” and it’s not in the tablo guide as “new” and go to the stations WEB sight and see if it’s schedule has it marked as “new”.

There have been some occasions where the local station doesn’t have it marked correctly and that information gets passed along to the company that produces the guide.

I also had a lot of trouble after I did a channel rescan. I wish I never did it. Many of my shows are not recording. I went back in and changed all of my shows to record all and that did not help. When I go into scheduled shows they are all set to go. It only seems to be recording channel 7.
I did contact Tablo support so I will see what they have to say.