Shows cutting off after 10-15 minutes of recording

Hi all, with the new Fall season I’ve been recording more programs than I have for a while. I have the 4 tuner version and only have 2-3 shows recording at a time at the very most at peak hours.

A few times in the last week, I’ve had a half hour show start fine, work great, but end 10-15 minutes after starting, cutting off the second half of the show. I’ve unplugged and plugged the Tablo back in, and hope this works, but want to see if there’s anything else I can do. Not every show does this, so I’m a little confused.

Hi, I have noticed the same issue with a 2 tuner Tablo… with 1 hour shows as well.
Last week, it recorded only the first 16 minutes of Chicago Med and Pitch.
Only started happening last week. Since there were no firmware updates recently (I think) it’s a very strange bug…

I am also having the same issue with the 4-tuner Tablo. I have never had an issue before, but it seems to have just started happening with the new shows. This is not going well with the wife. I have opened a ticket last Thursday evening when the wife and I were trying to watch recorded shows. I finally got a response today to turn on remote login, which I already had done after opening the ticket. I should have mentioned that in my ticket to reduce back and forth interaction with support. I am waiting now for a response.

@lola66 @dualravens Feel free to touch base with our support team directly. If you still have the partial recordings on your drive, we can check out its logs and see what’s going on.

As @lola66 noted - there haven’t been any recent changes from the Tablo’s end that we suspect could cause this. It’s worth noting that partial recordings can happen due to reception issues. Our support team should be able to give a definitive answer, though.

I’ve had my Tablo for just a few days, and am already considering returning it. Today I have a recording that Tablo says is 13 minutes long (30 minute program) when I go to play it, I get 1 minute and 28 seconds. No other program was recording at the time, although i was watching a previously recorded program at the time of this bad recording.
I’m not happy with the disconnections from live programming back to the channel guide, and the endless buffering issues during live TV viewing. Both Tablo and Roku 4210X are on my wired network.
So far, a disappointing experience.

Edited to update Roku version!

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Same issue with the show “Lucifer” here, only got 10 or 15 minutes of the show. Kind of annoying to lose most of the show.

Same here. I have only owned my Tablo 4 tuner for about 1.5 weeks. I have multiple programs on different channels with the issue. Also get the crash screen that the tuner has been reassigned or some other issue which appears to be related to the cut off recordings. It is not a signal strength issue.

I submitted a case to Tablo support and they going to remote into the Tablo and see if they can see the problem.

I just purchased my 4 tuner 2 1/2 weeks ago. Just had my first show only record 14 from an hour show…

Do you always have a solid 5 dots when doing a channel scan with Tablo? Specifically at the time of the show?

Yep! One of the best quality channels too. After having a backup of the show from PlayStation Vue, we have determined that it only recorded the last 17 minutes of the show. So it didn’t record the first 45 mins…

Any chance there was a football game on before that ran longer than expected. I noticed today that CBS schedules 3 hours for an NFL game, where as Fox schedules 3-1/2 hours. I believe they usually run about 3-1/2 hours minimum, so I am not sure why they only schedule 3. Anyway, that might be the culprit.

No sports on Wednesday near the show, designated survivor.

Did it record anything after the show? Before the show?