Shows are recorded, but not visible under recordings

Shows recording since Sunday morning are being recorded - but they are not visible inside the Tablo app on apple TV, nor iOS app on my phone.

Curiously, before I open Tablo app on Apple TV - I can see the recordings on the “Today” selection on the main apple tv interface (before you launch tablo app). This is only way I can access them.

Any ideas? I know I recently received a firmware update.

Same issue if you access via

Hadn’t thought of that; yes, when I use a browser I can see the recordings - they are just missing form any iOS/tvOS devices in house - phones, ipads, apple tv.

I have a Roku 3 and they appear there as well.

Have you tried deleting re/adding the Tablo app to your iOS tvOS devices? This will force a full resyc with the Tablo.

Thanks, deleting iOS app from all devices and reinstalling addressed this issue.

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I’m having a similar problem but for me the recordings don’t show on any device (iPhone, Apple TV, Roku)

When the show airs the guide shows it recording and I can even play it from there but it never shows under recordings so I can’t watch it once the recording stops.

Just started last night for me.

I’m curious if it shows up in Recordings in my tool

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I don’t know how to use that tool.
However, I found more weirdness. A show that was recorded on Monday shows up on my Roku, Apple TV and iPhone. I went to and at first that show was missing but the show that recorded tonight was there (which doesn’t show on any other device). But after a bit that disappeared and the one that had been recorded on Monday showed up.