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Tablo fans!

Please show your love as we duke it out in the TechCrunch #HardwareBattlefield competition!

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Done. Good luck!

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Aaand Done


But why are there two listings for Nuvyyo?

@theuser86 - We’ve asked them to fix it. No dice yet.

Tx everyone!





Not recommended. The tablo work fine if you pay for the guide, if not you are screw. It don’t give you the option to select the day, time and channel where you want to record. simple as that: CHANEL 20, START TIME 7AM , STOP TIME 9AM.
Why I need to pay for the guide if I receive for FREE every weekend in the newspaper?
I now the transmission time for the shows I like and with a one simple and cheaper box I can get the task completed. Wasted my money in 4 tuners one…
Time to sell this crap on ebay…

Yes it does, manual recording is available without a subscription. Exactly like a VCR. See screenshot below.

Sure it does. You don’t need the guide to schedule a manual recording.

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thank you Vonda_Z!

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