Show Recordings by Date

It would be great to have a chronological list of recordings like the do in the Spectrum TV app. This request was made back in June 2015 and nothing has been offered…

On the Roku app, under Recordings there is a “Recent” section that lists recordings chronologically (very similar to your screenshot). As well, under Scheduled there is an Coming Soon section that does the same.

You can sort by Recent on the iOS app too, but it’s not a text list.

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I am using the Apple TV. It has the same feature. To be more clear. You have to navigate between Recordings and Scheduled. Some screens are thumbnails only while other screens show shows by date.

My specific request is a combined list in text only chronological order of both recorded and scheduled shows that does not require navigating back and forth. The Spectrum app is a little more streamlined in navigation. It also is text only which makes it easier to see the information.

I understand some people like pretty pictures. But us old school guys just want the facts.:wrench::hammer_and_wrench:

So the chronological list of both recent recordings and upcoming scheduled recordings on one screen?

The new Preview app for Fire TV and Android TV also have the chronological list for recent recordings and upcoming scheduled recordings. The image below from the Fire TV shows an example of the Recordings section.

I don’t have an Apple TV but Apple TV app is built on the same API as the Roku app and Preview Fire TV app so I assume it would be the same.

Yes, something like that would be good too. A single list that allows you to see recordings and those coming up in chronological order.

In Spectrum’s DVR app you and see what was recorded and the next two weeks of upcoming recordings.

I am turning in my Spectrum boxes today so it’s lucky I remembered to make a screen shot :crazy_face:

So the 2 different lists you want do exist on the Roku, Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV, just they are on two separate screens?

A single scrollable list that shows me what was recorded and what will be recorded sorted in chronological order.

I forgot to mention that while the Apple TV app has a list view, the WEB app does not. So it would be great if the web app could also show the date list format.

I believe app parity is one of the higher priorities on their list.